greek/turkish coffee how to...

This style of coffee is one of my favorites, though I seem to only ever drink it while in greece... except for when I visit one friend who insists on making mammoth sized cups of the stuff.

I haven't made this in a very long time, though I recall putting a couple of teaspoons of sugar in with it too. It's a great pick me up in the morning and goes great with some greek shortbread cookies too.
Fine grind coffee of your choice
100 ml boiling water + 1 teaspoon sugar, 1,5 teaspoon coffee
boil for a second or two
add a little cold water, wait 3 minutes to separate...

Voila, your Turkish coffee ;)
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Turkish coffee sounds very good to me and I'd like to try it sometime. One thing I can't abide, however, is sludge or grounds in my cup. I know, I know - it's not gonna hurt me to swallow it. Just the same, is there an acceptable way to prevent the gunk in my mug? I'm not a purist by any means so how about filtering it? Would that break some cardinal rule?

Do any of the bigger coffee houses serve Turkish coffee?