Green Coffee Beans available


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Jul 26, 2014
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We presently have high altitude specialty green coffee beans available from Honduras. Coffee is grade A with a 86 to 87 cupping scores (very good). We also have a very rare coffee that is grown on a volcano located on an Island in Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua. The coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Certified Organic. This coffee is considered on the same level as Hawaiin Kona and Jamaican Blue coffees. There is only approximately 32,000 pounds of Grade A beans harvested per season of this very rare coffee. Please contact me should anyone have interest in any of these coffees.:coffee-bean::coffee-bean::coffee-bean:


Apr 29, 2014
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
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hi. I might be able to do something with your coffee. WE are a green coffee exporting company located in Guatemala, but due to Central America trade agreement, I believe that it should not be any problem selling your coffee via our company.

please provide following info.
a. complete cupping score chart and the person who cupped (this is for credibility check) and his info.
b. farm name and info (if it is mixed coffee from all different farms and varieties, please also let me know)
c. if you have 32,000 pounds, is that Pergamino or cafe oro? either way, it is not even one 20' container load. so, it should not be difficult to sell.
d. you said that it is FTO, can you email me a copy of this certificate? my email is [email protected] and website is .:ENSOLUNA:.
e. i need to know what is your pricing FOB PORT (european export standard green coffee) and how much extra do you charge for FTO.
f. what kind of coffee varietals is this coffee you have?

honestly, i doubt that there will be a lot of buyers via this forum. but in order for ANY BUYERS to buy your coffee, you must provide at least above information for them to consider and ready to send out samples for their consideration. so you probably it is a good idea to reply back to me via this forum, rather than email. But for pricing, if you want, you can email to my email address.

Alex from Ensoluna S.A.