Grind standards?


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Feb 7, 2007
Grand Rapids
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I was wondering if anyone here knows of a tool(s) to be used for setting grinders. Say for instance I wanted to know for sure that my Perc setting is actually a Perc grind.

I''m sure everyone here knows of the Agtron color standards. Is there a tool out there similar to this (pictures or screens?) for grinds?

Graduated sieves - they work like the screens for sorting green beans by size. The sieves are kind of pricey and usually are designed for use with a sieve shaking machine (common brand is Ro-tap, so frequently people call them Ro-tap screens), but hand-held sieves are available.
Your grinder supplier should be able to help you out, they likely have a system or at least a set of sieves. They might allow you to use theirs at their facility or may offer to evaluate your grind samples for you.
If you have an adjustable burr grinder, set the grinder to it's finest setting. Then adjust the burrs until they start to touch each other, (it will start to make a slight clinking noise). Then back the adjustment back til you do not hear the noise anymore. Now you have a calibrated grinder. It may not be as percise as you could get it with a graduated sieve, but it should work great for a perk.