Grinder...MDF or MAESTRO +


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May 4, 2005
New Mexico
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I let a guy talk me in to getting the gaggia mdf instead of the solis maestro plus. But I'm thinking of returning it when it arrives and reordering the Solis.

Here's why.
Some people say the doser is cheesey on the mdf and I don't really need a doser. Also the plus has conical burrs [hunks of steel instead of thin plates. The solis dispenses straight thru the burrs into the porta fliter or the grounds container. To me this seems like the only way to go. I currently have a capresso grinder and it's a pain to clean because the grounds must travel laterally to get to the basket and there's always lots of coffee left just under the hopper. Will the solis plus grind consistantly enough for my R. Silvia? Is there anything wrong with my thinking here?