Grocery Store Coffee Recommendations?

Here in the Uk there aren't too many choices. Usually the store's brand, and maybe one other one. I just get the store's brand , because I've tried the other and there's no difference; and the store brand comes in "italian", "espresso", and "french" at least. We can't get coffee in a 4-gallon barrel for $10 (maxwell house, etc) like in America :D
If I am somewhere where there is a specialty shop I will just get what appeals to me.

If I had my choice of any coffee brand, I would probably go for Arbuckles'. I have only seen it a couple places in NY. They have the BEST flavors! mmmm Blueberry Muffin......
Grocery Store Coffee Choices

Grocery Store Coffee? I'd have to say when I do the grocery store run for coffee I don't go for the beans generally I do the big ol' cans or smaller bags. Last few times the coffee I have purchased has been the big red one ;) and then Don Francisco's Coffee has been a choice of mine when I want something different.

I try a new coffee or brand every other month or so to keep it mixed up. But thats about all for store bought coffees'
Favorite Grocery Store coffee

My WHOLE BEAN bag picks from the grocery store

#1: Don Francisco COLOMBIA SUPREMO
rich, bold and delicious. Best brewed strong, not over-ground (i.e., bitter) add hot water to a cup if it's too strong
#2: Don Francisco KONA BLEND
slightly nutty and milder overall, great daily drink
#3: Don Francisco MOKA JAVA

PEETE's Coffee
Ethiopian Blend
I tried and enjoyed this in our percolator at work a few years back. I think we made it too strong, because I could hear my teeth buzzing and my eyes were twitching slightly... YAY! Needless to say I worked REALLY fast that day at half my capacity. A little Kahlua would balance the effect out nicely.

That's all for now.
--Daniel [<danielf>]
I normally try hazelnut, or dark french roasts, but i normally don't ever remmeber which ones taste better then others. i just buy whatever looks tasty =) hehe. I'm going to try to pickup some holiday blend from borders next time i remmeber, that stuff was good!