Happy 2009!!

Jan 18, 2008
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I beat Topher to it this year!

So, as I sit here on January 1st, in the new year of 2009, with my Niagra Falls mug of my favorite Sumatran, coffee that is, I was inspired to come in here and wish everyone a good year. If it's not full of the things that money can buy, well then, let's take comfort in some of the even greater things we enjoy, like the good times we get to spend with our friends and family...

Note to 'selves: You will continue to stay positive and you will inevitably grow in ways you hadn't thought possible. But right now, bundle up, it's January! Yes, I did almost think I saw a polar bear outside, but it was just a white dog, shaking the snow off its fur. It's a sunny one degree above zero out and I'm only on my fourth mug of the day. Ha, that's farenheit here!

Ha ha ha... Happy New Year Coffeeforums.


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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Yes happy new year to all...I know very late...things have been real busy around the roastery but I am trying to log on as much as possible. :)


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello Everyone,

I was exploring the forum, and I just saw this "Happy 2009" thread. I'm very proud of "Mr. Biscotto" for starting the Coffee Forum's New Year off in such a positive way!

Thanks Ed!

Happy 2009 to everyone!