Has Anyone Done business with the Big chains?


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Apr 5, 2009
San Jose
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Good Evening to All.

1. Has anyone ever have the experience of working with the big chain supermarkets and succeeded? If yes or no, please state the path and how it became a success or failure. 2.What are the different ways you can bring your roasted ground coffee into the those big chains.(IE: TEB, Supervalu, savemart, spartan stores, etc...) I for some apparent reason don't like safeways...as far as doing business with them...I do however shop at safeway all the time.

Any Pointers will be much appreciated.

I do not have direct experience but have many friends that do with other products.
It is a mugs game. You will have to factor in costs such as paying for shelf space. damaged product (they damage it but you eat it), advertising and promotions etc.