Has anyone ever eaten coffee cherries ?

We had a dog who loved cherry . Pigs love cherry too, and in South America it's a common food for them during coffee season

Humans, not so much. The cherry is highly acidic and will give you a bellyache. Plenty of caffeine, fiber and sugar make for a bad combo. On the other hand, it ferments very quickly. Wayyy back in the day it was used to make an alcoholic beverage. Nasty tasting, I'm sure, but imagine the double kick it carried.

Hmmm, there's an idea, cuz there's nothing quite as fun as a drunk hopped up on caffeine. Oh wait, maybe RB and vodka already cornered that market.
I have eaten plenty of coffee cherries, and find them very, very pleasant. Basically you are eating very little, as the skin and flesh covering the bean is very thin. However, the taste is beautiful, soft, sweet, with a hint of currant to the flesh. I often get told off when visiting our farmers as I spend more time eating the cherry, then sucking on the bean inside- rather than pulling my weight. :grin: I agree, the skin and fruit layer of the cherry makes excellent feed for animals. Our growers in Java and Bali use the flesh for feed- for cows in Java, and Pigs (shhhhh!) in Bali.
Aloha Alun,

Ahhh, Bali Kopi. One of my favorite drinks. Was it the coffee or was it Bali? Who knows. I lived outside of Ubud for a while and go back as often as I can. Lucky you that you get to make Indo and coffee your life. Of course, Hawaii and coffee is not bad either. Wanna do a cultural exchange?

I am hoping to get back to Indonesia within a year. I might look you up and make the trip a tax writeoff.

Hey Suzanne,

I am off to Ubud in about 5 hours...tough life huh?:grin: We are helping a friend to manage a small cafe at the Tjamphuan end of town- its kind of an excuse to get down to Bali on a regular basis. Last time I visited Hawaii was way back in 1990...sounds like it is just about time again. Seriously if you do pop over let me know. I really enjoy having visitors- and of course showing off Indonesia's coffee growing areas.

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