Has anyone used EuroCafe...


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Aug 30, 2005
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Has anyone used EuroCafe Imports start up packages? Specifically their Complete package including popular options? Its only $18,350 :shock: and they say it includes all the coffee, espresso, and blender equipment, delivered and installed.
Initial food and paper products to make 4000+ drinks
On-site barista and management training
Customized cup sleeves using your own name and logo
Professional guidance for location selection, floor-plan layout, and 22 other topics.

I've looked up a lot of consultants and equipment... Eurocafe says no longterm contract and no ongoing royalty fees. They say they order "top" of the line.. "Ghirardelli chocolate, Monin natural syrups, Harney and Sons teas, as well as the world's newest most powerful espresso machine manufactured by Conti of Monaco! Select any one of Lavazza's four different espresso blends." Etc.

It almost seems too good to be true... is it? :!:

I was thinking about going with it, but was really unsure because I have compared a lot of different things and this just seems rather cheep to me. I'm still going to see how well they do their training, and if I think I need more I'll probably still go with another consultant.. can't have too much help! :p

What do you think of this? Am I falling into a trap? I requested more information, I want to read all the fine lines before I do anything, but as far as what I have now, this is what they offer.


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May 19, 2005
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EuroCafe Imports

Hi Natalie,

I purchased the same package from EuroCafe Imports that you are considering, and I remain grateful for having found them. I felt so prepared going into my shop and I still am so thankful for them having pulled it all together for me.

Plus they are a really great group of people.

Contact me offline and I'd be happy to discuss my very short list of concerns.

:D Tammie