Hawaiin Kona Dark (Rocketfuelcoffee.com)


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Feb 24, 2010
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Company: Rocketfuelcoffee.com

Bean Origin or Blend: Hawaiian Kona Dark (100%)

Body: Medium-Full

Roast: City Plus

Brew Method: Drip and French Press

Price: $36/lb.

Rocketfuel Coffee is based out of Toronto, Canada and specializes in premium, rare coffee beans from across the world. The Kona Dark is a new offering and is in answer to a request for stronger roasts. The owner, Lisa Rotenberg, also provides all of the illustrations you’ll find on the packaging. This is truly a very unique company providing some very, very unique coffees.

The Kona Bean
Kona coffee originates from the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the Kona districts of Hawaii. One of the most sought after coffees in the world, only beans from these Kona districts may be classified as authentic Kona coffee. The weather pattern of the region is what makes this coffee so highly regarded; the rich volcanic soil, along with sunny mornings and mild evenings, combine to produce excellent coffee growing conditions.

The coffee plant was brought to this region by Samuel Reverend Ruggles in the early 19th Century, from Brazilian cuttings. There are now more than 800 Kona coffee farms in the area, with the average farm size measuring less than five acres. For more information, visit here.

When purchasing Kona coffee, it is important to watch for product marketed as Kona blend, style, or roast; blended Kona coffee contains 10% or less of Kona coffee. When purchasing Kona, be sure to look for the 100% seal. Hawaiian law requires blends to state the actual percentage of Kona coffee on the label.

The Kona Dark from Rocketfuel is 100% Kona coffee.

The Kona Dark from Rocketfuel is hands down one of the smoothest cups of coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of cupping. The flavors of the Kona were so equally balanced that, if not paying close attention, one could call it a clean coffee. There was no boldness present in this coffee and I would consider it to be a medium body at best, despite being advertised as full; this is not a criticism in my mind. The flavors present were of bitter chocolate, mint, and a slightly tart berry with a general earthiness present on the finish. The aroma on the cup was exceedingly sweet.

The Kona would pair wonderfully with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped cigar, such as an Oliva Connecticut Reserve or Camacho Connecticut. The well balanced flavors, with no one dominating flavor profile, reminded me of a well-aged cigar. The Kona Dark from Rocketfuel is simple, non-complex, and incredibly smooth.

It has been a pleasure speaking with Lisa at Rocketfuel Coffee; she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She can offer some helpful insight into coffee/cigar pairing as well, as she enjoys the fine Cubans she has access to living in Toronto. Rocketfuel offers a large variety of coffees. I am glad to have tried the Kona Dark and it is by far the smoothest Kona I’ve had. Kona coffee is not easy to come by and this is reflected in the price. At $36/lb., I would not add this to my regular lineup of coffee, but I would certainly consider it an excellent gift coffee or special occasion cup. You will not be disappointed by the body, flavor, or aroma. And the customer service is top notch.