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I am looking for the manufacturer that produces the Hello Boss Coffees.
Not the trading company, but the actual manufacturer. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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Hello Boss Coffee

Hey there,

I too have found this great and rather addictive Hello Boss line of coffee drinks. I have searched all over the net, and with most of the Taiwanese business sites and can find neither mention of the product or of the company listed on the can -- Grand Far Foods Corp.

I was hoping you may have found some source for it since posting your original message. Also, I will try and go to the Asian Grocery where I bought the products originally and ask the owners where I can buy it. That may end up being a fruitless venture, but if I have any luck I will be glad to email you.

My email is [email protected]


Drew Ward
Cafe La Boheme
New Orleans, LA USA
Location of Grand Far Foods Corp., Maker of Hello Boss


I am also searching for the location of Grand Far Foods Corp., the manufacturer of Hello Boss canned Asian coffee drinks. I am a vending machine operator in Oakland, California who has had big success selling Hello Boss Cappuccino which is the second most popular and most profitable non-carbonated beverage in my vending machines. I have been buying mine on sale at the 99 Ranch Asian grocery store chain, but now that the sale is over I cannot afford to pay full retail price for it and pass the higher costs on to my customers. So I am trying to contact the manufacturer, Grand Far Foods Corp. to negotiate direct purchases from their distributor, wholesaler or importer at a lower price than retail. The internet has yielded no website nor email address. I will try to talk to the manager of 99 Ranch on where they get Hello Boss.



I am a student from Taiwan. The "Hello Boss coffee" confused me for a long time cause I've never heard this product and it's manufacturer in my country. I think the "Hello Boss Coffee" is a clone product of another Taiwan coffee brand " Mr. Brown Coffee". You can see the below website :

http://sh2.yahoo.edyna.com/kingcar/item ... id=1001283


The brand photos of "Hello Boss" and "Mr. Brown" are similar, right ? I do not know why the "Hello Boss" coffee is so popular in California, because for we Taiwanese, it looks like a clone product of "Mr. Brown coffee". I think if you go to chinatown or some other asian market, you can also find the "Mr. Brown coffee". The " Mr. Brown Coffee" is a famous coffee brand with good reputation in Taiwan. As for "Hello Boss" (?) . Maybe the company really exists in Taiwan and sells its coffee drinks to U.S only. I am sure that the "Hello Boss" product do not sold in Taiwan market.

Coffee Wars: Attack of the Mr. Brown Clones

Dear Ed:

I think you are right. Hello Boss is a cloned canned Taiwanese coffee drink after Mr. Brown, which I also see in the Asian stores here. I avoid buying Mr. Brown because the small cans will not fit in my vending machine and my customers love the tall cans of Hello Boss, whose name also puns Hills Bros--the American Hills Brothers Coffee Company. I must either continue to track down the elusive manufacturer of Hello Boss, wait for it to go on sale at the Asian supermarkets, or replace it with another canned Asian coffee drink. Thanks for your information.


Does anyone know where you can buy the Hello Boss in the Los Angeles area (specifically Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank areas)?

I purchased a can when we were up in the Sierra's and really enjoy it. Couldn't find much info on the web so thought I would ask here.

Thank you!
Try 'Jons' they have a huge selectiong of foreign drinks.
I have spotted Hello Boss before at the Jons near sunset/vermont in los feliz.

Another place to look would be in little tokyo... but that is in downtown LA.