Hello new to this forum!


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Sep 2, 2005
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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All people here are opened to share experiences and offer advices. I am very happy with their help. Since I entered this forum I did not feel alone in this new-to-me business. We have opened our coffee shop 7 months ago.
We're new too !!!:)

Hello coffee connisseurs!!

javajunie and I are also very new to this board,and fairly new to the coffee business.We opened our shop Oct.31 2004,yep Halloween :twisted: We get our beans from the only roastery within 100 miles and it's three blocks away from our shop.Summer is a real challenge for our shop.We've started asking customers if they'd like their Mocha's HOT or Iced,and the majority don't know that their drink comes with options! I suppose the last three coffee shops in this little town didn't offer any options.........Options make our regular customers special,especially if I remember what they are going to want before they get to the counter ...The tip jar gets filled faster :grin: Well I have beans to grind and I'm happy to find this board!! 8) mr.esp


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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OPTIONS...what the hell is wrong with you...give them options and they are going to expect us to do what ever they want :p just kidding...welcome...lots of good people here! I did notice you seem to have a cat problem in your shop :wink:
If I could revive him

Then there would be a problem.
Buger liked DECAF,whined all the time that he wasn't sleeping or eating,jumped in seats next to folks trying to enjoy a nice quiet lunch,had to be let out 50 times a day,and in 51 times.He sat in the window and swatted at flies,but only in his dreams :roll: Mostly he shed......but now he's dead...Buger opened our coffee shop and when our lease is up and this little shangrilala fades in the minds of all who experienced javatime,the one most remembered will likely be "Buger" 8)
2 1/2 more years,and we're outa here!and there will not be another cat problem while we're here :cry: mr.esp