Help! Bad coffee at work!


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Oct 21, 2005
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My office has a Flavia machine. Several of them, in fact. I'd like to find an alternative that tastes better to recommend to them. Does anyone know of a similar service with better tasting coffees? Thanks!

ALso why not get the best roasted coffee delivered from me ( i'd barter :)) and get a good basic coffee maker for just you oun private fresh roased cofffee. Add what ever flavor you want and still the coffee will make everyone envy you. Is'nt that perfect? hehe it only took me 40 years to figure out what a grrl wants.....
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it needs to be very self-service, we have a call center attached to our corporate offices, so we use the same service for both. I'll see if I can find these online, thanks!

Get a Keurig machine. Beats Flavia in taste tests. Several roasters, so you get a big selection of coffees.

Call your office coffee service and see if you can get a demo machine. Tell them you'll call Allied if they can't get you one.

As far as Bunn, they do have commercial pod machines, but the selection of coffees is limited and pods have freshness problems unless each one is individually wrapped.

If you don't mind a little work, get yourself or your office an office espresso machine.

I have a (used) Capresso consumer grade espresso machine for my cubicle. I get fresh ground and brewed espresso whenever I want. It's a little pretentious because just around the corner in the kitchen are 3 Keurig machines and a selection of 20 coffees. But I gots to go with my strengths.
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Wow, the Keurig machine really does have an excellent variety! I'll have to propose this and see what happens. My main concern is that their k-cups seem to take up significanlty more space than the Flavia packets. That could pose a problem since we go though so much coffee. For a significant improvement in taste and variety, though, it may well be worth the loss in storage space.

Are you a sassy admin?
If it's for an office as you mention, I highly suggest a Keurig and a KCup Vending Machine like the one we have at our office. The keurig is easy to use with over 125 single-serve flavors to choose from! Management shouldn't hesitate on the vending machine either, as it actually can SAVE the business money by helping with cost control tremendously! For more info, see: kcup vending . com (no spaces). Hope this helps!
If your office is of a reasonable size, any roaster should be able to give your office a decent brewer and grinder if you're purchasing their coffee. This solves all problems at once. I do this for offices around 100 people or so. I view it as giving to the needy :D. People need fresh roasted coffee, and they need it every day!

I have to disagree about the Keurig machines. All those un-recyclable k cups are arena environmental disaster (as are the flavia packets). If that doesn't bother you (hey, not judging, I know people are unconcerned or think the issue is overstated), the keurig machines don't generally get hot enough to get a really good extraction. The coffee from them often tastes very weak to me, even on the strongest setting, and the flavors are not very good also, IMO. The cost per cup is also high for the level of quality. You would be much better off finding a local gourmet fresh roaster that delivers. Higher quality, good service, and lower cost all in one.Btw, I've heard that flavia changed roasters and the quality had gone downhill. I can't offer any opinion on that as I haven't had any flavia since they switched. (I've moved and no longer frequent the local business that used them.)
I've tried the Keurig machines as well and was unimpressed with the results.

At work, we go to a local roaster on a weekly basis and pick up fresh roasted coffee. We brought in a simple water boiler and use french presses, or an AeroPress to make our coffee. A couple of us even use an Hourglass to make coffee extract once in a while to make quick coffee.

Not as easy to make as using the Keurig, but the quality of the coffee is much better.