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Mar 24, 2004
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Good morning!

I just walked into what I think may be a "good deal" on a used commercial espresso machine; however, the seller will be advertising it publicly this worked fine until it was removed from the dining establishment, but it is a 2 group and is missing one porta-filter (which I have checked and can buy a replacement for). What I need to know is can the machine be operated minus the one porta-filter until the new one arrives? If you prefer, you can email me directly: [email protected]

Hey Debbie:

What's a good deal? What kind of machine? How old is the machine? When was the last time this machine was used? When was the last time this machine was serviced? What accessories came with the machine? And why can't the seller get another portafilter for you? What is the price for this used machine? Can you get a new machine with warranties for about the same price or slightly more?

Sometimes good deals are not so good. Be careful.
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:) Hello Coffee Guy and EspressoOutfitters,

Thank you so much for your replies. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), I had to go help my MIL with her computer and missed out on the espresso machine. I had been feeling a little "iffy" about purchasing a used machine, especially when it sounded like such a good deal! I suppose things happen for the best so I will keep shopping!

Thanks again,
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:) EspressoOutfitters,

I am a little leary of eBay for this purchase although I have done alot of business on eBay both as as buyer and seller in the past. If I could work on the machine myself, of course that would be a different matter. Anyway, thanks again for your advice. I took a look at your website and wanted to tell you that it is really nice!
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Thanks for your offer, but we bought a new one-group machine yesterday. I will keep your email address though in case we find that we have enough business to support a 2 group/more expensive machine. I would certainly appreciate your expertise in purchasing a used unit.

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My husband and I were discussing the fact that an additional one group would probably be a good idea later on down the case one is down for repairs, etc. and of course if business is good it would be nice to have two machines. Thanks again!

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