Help Please: Looking for estimated monthly spending costs for utilities


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Mar 11, 2020
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Hi Guys,

I am planning on opening a shop in MA and need some help. We are finishing our business plan and need to know what the average utility bill is? Stuff like water, electricity, gas, etc. The shop will be approx 1,200 SF. Anything will help! Thanks!
I have a 1268sqft shop in Suburban Atlanta. We also operate baking heavy duty equipment, and heat with electric. This is our breakdown
Gas: 75-100
Electricity: 475-550 higher summer
Internet:75, now 135. SOB’s will always increase.
Thing to watch as far as utilities go: always use energy star rated appliances. We started with used old refrigeration, which thankfully burned out, new appliances cut by 50%. We reduced water consumption by ensuring restrictors at all faucets. And now about to set new internet contract to cut by 50%.
One other thing to look out for none utility related: personal property taxes. Our county charges property taxes on all business equipment in our shop, to include tables, forks, straws, pos, and machines. We did not know for the first year and got hammers 2k.
Anyway, good luck, welcome to the craziness.
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Wow! Thank you so much for this info! Will definitely keep all this in mind.

Thanks again for your help!