Help! Too many scales with lousy reviews


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Jun 20, 2023
New York
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Oct 17, 2021
New Zealand
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I also was looking for a reasonably accurate scale for espresso shot weighing and bean weighing that wasn't acaia price range.

Over the last 3-4 years I tried many in the $25-$50 NZD range. From Amazon or Ali express. Even some with timers for espresso. But they were either inaccurate, too large for my espresso machine or stopped working.

The only one that came close was a USB rechargeable tiny jewellery scale, but it stopped charging and wouldn't work with rechargeable batteries and imo it's wasteful to keep feeding non rechargable batteries into things.

So eventually I thought I would go to coffee brands. By this time normcore came out with its first scale. It was a bit large but generally it was reliable, rechargable, and accurate enough.

Then getting the gs3 I needed something smaller to sit on the machine so I spent a bit of money and got the time more black mirror nano. It cost 140 NZD but is well worth it. It Wakes up on movement, battery lasts over 6 months between charges (2 shots per day), has a few modes and isn't ugly. I wished I'd never wasted many cheaper purchases but maybe the market just caught up with demand? The base of the nano is aluminium and the top is plastic

I use two scales, one for my beans/grinder and one for the shot.

Then I got a cheapish (40NZD) one on Ali express called "SearchPean Tiny2s". It is excellent. It operates nearly exactly like the time more but it's a bit smaller and the charge only lasts a couple of months which is still good. Both base and top are plastic. Reasonably fast and accurate.

Now normcore have their new small scales which are like the searchpean tiny 2 s but the top section is aluminium and the base plastic. These are beautiful and feel reasonable quality. They have wake on touch, have auto tare, auto time, I'm using for espresso only. They may have a flow rate mode but don't quote me on this. They have a manual mode. So far really great value for money. Probably the best you will get for espresso and for cheap.