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Feb 16, 2007
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I know a coffee farmer in Nicaragua that is trying to better the lives of women living in a poor settlement in Managua. Every year they bring 5 women to the US to dance and share their culture. It is called Women in Action and the story follows:

Dear Friends,
Compas de Nicaragua will be organizing its second Women in Action Dance Tour
of the US. The tour will bring 5 Women in Action members to the US as part of a
dance troupe. The tour dates will be Monday, September 15th through Friday,
October 3rd, 2008.
About the Presentation: The performance will include several traditional
dances with costumes and dresses, including feathered hats and weaved baskets
that are balanced on the head. The music is traditional, folklore music played
on the marimba. The dancing is a mix of Spanish and indigenous styles. It is
performed with long dresses that are held at the ends and lifted above the head.
It is a beautiful, graceful kind of dance.
The performance will also include the story of Women in Action, impoverished
women living in one of the poorest settlement of Managua, Nicaragua; street
vendors who sell what they can on the streets in order to provide for their
families, and how they have been able to work together to create projects that
have drastically improved health, nutrition, and education in their community.
Segments of a video about WIA will also be played throughout the performance.
There will also be an information table and an exhibition of gourd art from
WIA's art cooperative.
This tour provides local communities with a unique opportunity for popular
education about the culture and current situation in Nicaragua. It will also
offer communities a chance to get involved and support this important work.
Performance Fee: $1000 suggested donation, per hosting community. This
money is to be paid directly to Compas de Nicaragua. It will cover expenses
such as international airfare, domestic transportation, speaker per diem, travel
costs, etc.
Each hosting community is asked to pay $500 in advance of September 1st so
that Compas can purchase the airline tickets as soon as possible. This sum will
be deducted from the total performance fee. The other $500 will be due after
the performance.
If your community or organization is unable to cover the $1000 suggested
performance fee, please contact us. With good advertising, requesting a
donation at the door, and asking for donations during the performance, we should
be able to raise the $1000 needed to cover tour expenses.
Please let me know if you are interested in hosting the performance. We need
to begin booking dates as soon as possible in order to begin the visa process
for the women.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Michael Boudreau
Executive Director
Compas de Nicaragua
[email protected]

In country office:
164 Washington Street
Littleton, NH 03561

Nicaragua office:
Lab. Ramos, 6 C al lago, 1/2 C abajo
Barrio La Primavera
Managua, Nicaragua