Hey Man!! From Cayman

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Mar 13, 2009
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Hello Everyone,

I live in Grand Cayman Islands , three islands just South of Cuba. So small that sometimes we do not show on the map. We are a British territory and are famous for our offshore banking and world class Scuba diving and beaches. My name is Damian and I own and operate a cigar website which retails and wholesales cigars,coffee,rums,paintings,perfumes etc. etc.- mainly from Cayman and Cuba.
I hope to make new friends and learn more about the worlds coffee's as i am very knowledgable in Cuban Cigars and Rums and also Cayman.

Anyone interested to learn more please e-mail or PM me. :p



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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hello Damian,

Welcome to the Coffee Forums!

I just looked on my World globe, and I was happy to see that the Cayman Islands are on it. I enjoy learning about new places and new things, and I hope you will continue to be a part of this forum for a long time to come.