Tim Reed

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Oct 25, 2005
Loughborough England
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Hi guys

I am an industrial design student at loughborough university england. Reasons for joining; apart from loving coffee, I want to find out more about the occaisions surrounding drinking coffee and the pleasure people get from drinking and making it. I am looking to design a new product within the coffee field. check out my website for more design stuff.

Take it easy



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May 15, 2005
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Reasons I drink coffee...
2.) It tastes good.
3.) It's relaxing.
4.) It's an adventure (I try to drink different types of coffee when I can, to compare and contrast).
5.) It's cool, hahahaha.


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Oct 27, 2005
Villa Rica, Georgia
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The mug matters to me


I love my coffee but as in all fine foods...presentation is a big factor in the enjoyment. I find myself always selecting one of my favovite fine china mugs (a Spode Woodland or Hunt Club) when I want ot relax with a good cup of java. And when I'm sipping and working outdoors, then I use my "utilitarian" fun mug, a "bee busy" mug. I found a neat web source for some interesting cups and mugs as well as hand grinders. Its called CookingNaturals but mostly has a lot of coffee things. Remember to "present" your coffee well!


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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what i like most about coffee....hmmm.


the coffee drinking society, if i may call it that, has a culture of its own.
like you get wine drinkers, you get coffee drinkers.
some wine drinkers go on volume rather than quality.
some drink it to get slammed.
others will drink just any wine coz they have convinced themselves that "the R200 bottle doesnt taste any better than the R20 bottle" (everybody has heard that one at some stage)

there is no difference regarding coffee.
either you can buy the cheap shit that people regard as coffee or you can go all the way and buy the real thing.
some people will drink it just to wake up in the mornings.
others thrive on quantities...and then you get the selected few people who drink coffee the way its meant to be drunk...and who wont settle for 2nd best.

i drink coffee because i love it...the taste, the good company that goes with it, and the fact that if you drink coffee most of the time youre less likely to get pulled over for drunken driving than the quantity obsessed wine drinkers.... :lol: