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Aug 30, 2011
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Hi all this is a wee hello from the land of the brave

Glad to be a member here, hope I can contribute to community on tips on servicing machines and looking after equipment

Here is a short description about us

Coffee Services are one of the leading providers of professionally refurbished espresso equipment and coffee in Scotland today. Founded in 2007 with a strong focus in Edinburgh, Glasgow, West Lothian and surrounding areas, Coffee Services aim to supply top quality espresso machines and coffee, backed up by first class after sales service.

As an official supplier of Fracino and Ibrerital espresso machines but well known for supplying the best refurbished espresso machines and grinders we are able to offer a wide variety of espresso solutions to suit every type of customer. Our excellent reliability record and fantastic coffee making credentials combine to produce profitable outcomes for all our customers, time and time again.

With a variety of coffee blends available you can be sure to find the perfect mix of flavours to help you build a profitable base of loyal coffee loving customers. There team of dedicated customer support agents makes ordering easy and lets you focus on what you do best - directing your business.

Coffee Services also offer an espresso machine recycling service, so if you have a commercial coffee machine collecting dust in storage, why not give them a call to arrange for them to recycle your espresso machine instead of dumping it where it'll land up in landfill.

In most cases Coffee Services will buy your coffee machine from you depending on age and condition, but also offer to take older coffee machines in exchange for brand new coffee machines or fully refurbished espresso coffee machines.

These services are an excellent choice for most businesses today as you have wide variety of machines to choose from, home coffee machines all the way up to impressive 3 group machines, and the exchange policy gives you the chance of upgrading your coffee equipment for a discounted price.

Coffee Services carry hundreds of spare parts in stock. Combined with an experienced number of both in-house and contract engineers they are able to offer maintenance back-up 24hr 7 days a week. Purchasing from Coffee Services gives you the confidence of knowing they are there for you whenever you need them to be.They have dozens of machines as backup and would never leave you without a machine so you can keep serving coffee and keep your customers happy.

Ok now that I got the formalities out the way, I hope I can help members out with good advice...