Hi, i'm new here

Oct 27, 2010
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First off, let me again Wish the Best of the Holiday Season to All of you
and you Families, its such a Great time of Year,

And from what I am hearing, the Cold Weather is fantastic for the Coffee Biz
on the Retail Level, so best wishes for all of you to make a Ton of sales this
Winter Season, and the Customers are Sure to Love the Great verity of Coffee
I am hearing about on this Site, ( Heck, I want some too ) !!

Born in Conn with TONS of snow in the late 60s, a Hot cup of anything was good.

We are in So California now, its been nice here 75-80 but we Do get ice on the roof tops
and cars in winter.

We are in the Coffee Equipment Biz Wholesale, but now are in the Wholesale Coffee,
roasted and Green beans, but might try retail, and Most of the Great info from everyone here
is awesome for me the rookie in the Coffee Kingdom.