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Apr 6, 2004
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I just posted a similar question in another area. I am looking to get stuff for espresso. I looked at 1stincoffee.com wholelattelove.com and coffeestuffstore.com are these pretty good places to shop? I ask becaues i have never bought coffee items online befor.

I am not totally sure what i need, but would like to spend about $300 or so. What would i need ? an espresso machine, but is there other stuff i would have to get? Is $300 enough for a espresso maker?

I know i have a lot of questions, but we are gettingit for our anniversary and i want to get a nice maker for good espreso. It is confusing!

thanks for your help

oh...what brands should i look at?

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Thanks coffee guy

Yes we are looking for home maker. I looked at the site, but they look like they are $1000s of dollars. We just want something maybe up to about $400 or so. Is that too cheap? The sites i mentioned have a lot of makers under $1000 but i just am not sure which ones to consider. We dont want acheap one like at the department stores. So i think I am searching in the right area...i hope. Unless the sites i mentioned are cheap models...do we need to spend $1000 or more? I hope not!! wow!

thanks for your help

I had a great experience with coffeestuff.com. My order arrived in just a few days. Much faster than any others I've ordered from while purchasing for our business.
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what kind of business do you have?

i wonder why it is fast are they close to you?

I think we are looking at a Gaggia machine for our home. I have been talking to a couple stores and the Gaggia looks like a good choice for the money. I didn't realize the prices add up so fast!


They are in Oregon and I'm in Washington, so that probably took less time and the order wasn't huge. The worst so far was the blender I ordered from an ebay merchant, which took nearly 3 weeks.
Hi Lisa,
I was in a similar dilemma a while back and was persuaded to consider a moca brewer and or a French press rather than an inexpensive espresso machine. After a lot of research I decided to take this advise and am now drinking excellent coffee from a French press rather than mediocre espresso. I think it is at least worth looking into. I don’t have any personal experience with a moca brewer, but maybe someone else could chime in on those.
Good Luck,
French press to go...

Hi Lisa,

I was out at the Seattle Coffeefest Trade show last month and was introduced to this really cool new French press to go. Also larger ones for the office or home.

They won second place for best new product at the show.

One of their new personal size to go french press' was really unique in that you could hide an extra stash of grounds or even tea in the bottom for later in the day. The second cup!

I urge you to look them up.
Here is the contact info: www.planetarydesign.us
Tell Brooke that Coffee Cup Joe sent you!

Best to you....