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Dec 5, 2005
Lenexa, Kansas
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Anyone have information they would like to share in regards to interviewing prospective baristas? What questions do you ask? What job descriptions have you written up? What do you look for?

we prefer no experience, I do not like retraining someone elses problems. We look for mature outgoing personalilities that can handle responsibility, I can train anyone to make a latte. (you can't train someone to have a personality!
I agree with MC. We prefer to train the unexperienced. This way if you invest your time with the new employee and train them properly you will hopefully produce both a great person and barista. It takes a little while to observe how well the training has taken, but if it turns out well you will be grateful you spent the necessary time and effort to do so. Sometimes people with a lot of experience bring luggage with them to your place, and if that is the case, you must determine if that person is worth taking the chance to bring on board, or if you will just pass on them. If you bring them on board they must conform to your rules and not the other way around. If they can and they increase your business, then you have made the correct decision. But sometimes you just have to take the chance :wink:

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