Hottop Roaster


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Nov 8, 2004
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Does anyone have any experience with the Hottop roaster? I realize that it is a home roaster but I just ordered 4 of them to carry on my website. They wanted a minimum 10 machine order but Michael at HottopUSA let me just order 4 to start with. It will roast 9oz at a time making it the largest commercial made home roaster on the market. It kind of makes me nervous buying 4 roasters that I haven't tried but the home roasting business is growing fast and I hope they will sell well. I plan to order them 10 at a time if they sell.

Anyway I thought you folks reading and posting in this Coffee Industry Forum may have some experience with it.


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Mar 30, 2005
Minneapolis, MN
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Its a great machine, however we have a lot to compete with at a price of $595. I've sold one in 3 months on my site. Generates lots of interest but that's generally it because most want the roaster for $100 or less.