How do you like your coffee?


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Mar 23, 2004
Hey all. I have a couple questions toward understanding how people like their coffee.
(I'll get around to espresso a little later)

1. Does your favorite coffees tend to taste good even lukewarm to cold?
(I'm not talking about the optimal flavor, which should be hot coffee)

2. Does the coffee cup make a taste diff to you; what is quality to you? (ceramic, metal, glass etc.)

3. Concerning drip machines at home, what do you use?
(I use a Cuisinart because it was the least expensive of the double element style machines)

Why I ask these few questions is this- I want to find a niche in the coffee biz, but there is so much I do not know. Important to me is helping people know how to optimize the flavor at home. It's one thing for coffee fanatics to optimize their experiences through pricey expenditures, but most will not spend $100+ on a coffee maker. I live in a rural area with @8k citizens in our city and the majority are not "into" coffee.

I would like book suggestions as well; what's the coffee "bible" book?

I like mine always hot, in a ceramic mug. I have a fav mug that has been around the world with me. Purchased it in 1989 in Colorado. Reads "I skied Keystone" and has a cheesey picture of a 1980's style skier in a downhill pose. I even use it in the roastery which embarasses my wife. Have found it in the rubish bin a few times (normally straight after I use it in front of guests). I have a Siemens "Porsche" design drip feed at home. Never use it and its stored in the garage. From memory it made pretty OK drip coffee into a sealed thermo flask. Have kept it around so I can tell people that I have a Porsche stored in the garage and not be hung for telling a big lie!!! :lol:
Dec 24, 2003
Victoria, BC
I don't really like luke warm coffee or cold coffee whatever the brand, but i'm sure it's a useful skill to have when your too lazy to get something else to drink.

Something a little off topic but...; I've noticed with the coffee that I sell is since I started giving out samples and leaving the coffee in a thermos, it still tastes awesome even 5-6 hours old.

I always thought it was funny how the cup you drink from makes drinks taste differently. I have noticed that my drinks taste better in certain cups rather than others. I wonder why that is...


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Aug 14, 2003
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Mr.Bingley...what you do not like unwashed coffees?! I am drinking a pot of Sumatra right now...ahhh...will switch to a nice clean Kona next. 8)


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Mar 23, 2004
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For some reason, I've been using a Corellewear cup the last few months and believe my coffee has been getting cold too soon. Was using one of the wife's Longaberger cups, but too much mass- I could never drink it before getting too cold? Is there a "best" coffee cup to use in the home? I'm sure most wouldn't drink from an insulated metal cup.

Anyhow, there is a small percentage of people in my area that will buy fresh beans because they want good flavor; and they know what they must do- buy whole bean (though they just assume the freshness at a Barnies, etc).

The majority of people in my area, (drink the canned stuff), will not pay a premium for fresh roasted coffees. I believe many could be converted (from the can) if shown how to make a diff at home - buy fresh roasted, grind it yourself and a brewer that heats to the correct temps.

What else should I be considering?

*I know that Topher has all the answers; he's holding out on me :wink: