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Aug 13, 2011
When customer’s looking for a coffee bag, indeed they don’t know much about which kind of bags is the right one for them. In most cases, they often end up sending off their orders without a clear idea. Here I would like to offer some tips how to choose right coffee bags for you if you are just after one.
From the functional aspects, all coffee bags serve one purpose-storage of coffee. There are different styles of coffee bags, like side gusset coffee bag, stand up coffee bag, burlap coffee bag, etc. However, it is worthy to read this article if you want to have an ideal bag.

Coffee bags are typically sold in 4 sizes, 250g, 500g, 1kg, and 2000kg. Some customer may like the similar sizes, 1/2 pound, 1 pound, 2 pound and 5 pound. Therefore, before we start with other things, we have to decide which sizes are your choices. We found the most popular sizes are 250g and 1kg. We sell much more than other sizes no matter they are side gusset bag or stand up bag.

For some coffee brands which are already well established, coffee roasters will need special printing of their logos and other distinctive descriptions on the coffee bags to make their products different from others. In this case, a great design is the key success. Some coffee suppliers don’t focus much on brand, they only want to make some blank or single color coffee bags like silver, gold, or black and then they will put their pre-printed labels on the bags after they store coffee into the bags, which saves the cost and reduce the inventory.

The valve bag is really a great invent and breakthrough for coffee packaging. It extends the coffee storage life and keeps the coffee fresh during the storage period. As we all know, freshly roasted coffee will keep releasing gas for about 7 days. The gases would then build up inside of sealed bags causing them to explode. As a result roasting companies would have to let beans sit in the open air for an extended period of time. The oxygen robbed the coffee of its freshness as they sat. The valve allowed roasting companies to package their beans immediately thus preventing the loss of flavor. The valve also kept coffee free from moisture.

Indeed, valve can be incorporated into bag for both side gusset bag and stand up coffee bag and workable for all materials. So customers don’t have to think about much limitation of valve application.
There are plastic based coffee bags and Kraft based coffee bags. Today biodegradable materials are more and more popular as they are friendly for our environment. They are a bit more expensive than normal materials, but it is worthy as it is healthy for our planet. In this case, Kraft coffee bags are the best choice for you.

You may ever heard about burlap coffee bags which are used by coffee farmers to store the freshly harvested coffee in. The coffee is shipped to the roasters in these bags. These bags are not a retail bag or take away bag for coffee shop. Many people like to use burlap coffee bags to do arts and crafts like picture frames and curtains. Obviously it is not a topic we discuss here.

If you know more about coffee bags, please share your comments and we can have a talk about coffee bags.

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