How to clean the espresso machine?


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Oct 17, 2018
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I am using an espresso & cappuccino machine in my home. Just have some basic questions as I am still pretty new to espresso.
When I am making back to back drinks (say I have 4 drinks to make), How should I go about cleaning the shower screen between shots? Does this normally get accomplished with the next HX flush? Or just give a wipe afterward before pulling the next shot?
What is the best way to clean the water reservoir and how often should I do this? Weekly ok? I am using the unscented dish soap for cleaning. Is it ok to use unscented dish soap Or should I go for espresso machine cleaner?
It says never use dish detergent on anything that comes in contact with the coffee. I have always washed my cups/saucers, PF, baskets with unscented dish detergent. Wouldn't a good rinse clean off any residual detergent?
Check this out if this helps:

[FONT=&quot]After each use you should:

Remove the spent capsule
Run water through the flow system
Empty your drip tray

Doing these three simple things after every use ensures that no oils, stagnant water and grains will be left in the machine for future usages because that would affect your machine negatively and by extension the quality of your brews. This will ensure clean, tasty coffee with every brewing.[/FONT]
For back to back drinks you shouldn't need to do anymore than flush the shower screen. How frequently you clean is really depending on volume. At home its just me so every few weeks or month I use espresso machine cleaner and back flush the machine, and pull the screen and portafilters and soak in espresso cleaner. You also need to keep the o-ring clean - its basically where your portafiler 'connects' into the machine. It's what provides the seal to get proper pressure to extract shots. When you use espresso cleaner I wear disposable kitchen gloves... it has something in it that drys my hands out.