How to make the perfect cup of Cappuccino


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Jun 27, 2019
How to make the perfect cup of Cappuccino? :coffeecup:

There is no reason why you cannot perform your own ritual of brewing espresso and making cappuccinos in the comfort of your own “kitchen-café”—to entertain guests, nourish your soul, and please your palate and maybe your pocketbook, too. The best news yet is that you do not necessarily need a special machine
to make a creative coffee drink! This article hopefully will inspire you to begin to create your own Cappuccinos today.

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According to the Italians, Cappuccino is a breakfast to mid-morning drink, with 12 noon as cut off time. That seems to be one of the only limitations though, seeing as there are a few interesting Italian variations of the Cappuccino. One may find a Cappuccino Chiaro – a lighter in strength Cappuccino with less Espresso than the traditional one-third dose and two-thirds steamed frothed milk.
Cappuccino Scuro, meanwhile, is a dark Cappuccino made with a doppio (double Espresso) and one- third steamed frothed milk; it’s not a Macchiato, which only
requires a spoonful of dry foam. It’s quite amazing how one can really taste the difference between a good and a bad Cappuccino by the frothing of the milk.
Even after the tenth Cappuccino in one day, I could tell from the first sip whether it was going to be a good or bad one.

Cappuccino Steaming

A cappuccino is technically one-third frothed milk, one-third steamed milk, and one-third espresso. But this equation is almost never a reality. Don’t focus on the ratios. Instead, concentrate on getting the milk steamed and creating enough foam to define a cappuccino before the steam pitcher gets too hot. You’ll make
some great drinks. With time and practice, you’ll fine tune your own signature ratio.

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