How would you price this coffee machine ?


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Jul 17, 2009
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I am a local marchat and I am looking to sell some coffee machines. I would liek you, as some of you are expert in coffee, to quote a price for this machine.


Product Name Espresso Coffee Machine
Warrenty 1yr repair no S&H included
Water-tank Capacity 1600ml
Bean-tank Capacity 200G
Machine housing ABS
Twins Boiler Aluminium
LCD Display Available
Digital Display Available
Max bean dregs capacity 10PCS
Temperature Control System NTC Control System
Brewing Coffee Temperature 75°C To 85°C
Pump INVENSYS (Italy) Pump
Max system pressure 19bar
Powder Dosage Adjustment Manually,5 Grades (7.5-10)
Powder Fine Adjustment Manually, 7Grades
Adjustable height coffee spout. 70 To110mm
Steam Function Available
Hot water Function Available
Single cup Function Available
Double cups Function Available
Adjust the scope of spout Available
Warning Automatically Available
Miss water warning Function Available
Miss Bean warning Function Available
Cup-counter Function Available
Cup-warming Function Available?Aluminium?
Operation Language optional Max 8 Languages
Sleeping mode Function& Power saving: After the last operation, if keeps the power on, then the boiler will enter into sleeping status. Press any key to activate the machine. Available
Self-Cleaning:When the coffee machine wakeing up everytime?its will self-cleaning. Available


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello "pasdoy"

The machine doesn't seem to have any identifying markings in the photos that you posted.

Is there a manufacturer's name or model number on it? (maybe on the back or bottom)