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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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......There isn't more action in this part of the forum, since most people buy less than stellar equipment then usually ask a billion questions as to how to get the most out of it.... What happened to those that like to tinker with something to make it that much better, like myself? L............A.............T............E................R.................!
You know you are the only person whom I have met on this forum that is so full of himself. I must say I was like you in the beginning. But after while I started to come around to see that even though I despise a lot of the very low end equipment, this is a starting point for quite a few of our members.

The people who tinker started somewhere Shadow. Most likely they started tinkering with the low end and worked their way up to the same toys you and I play with.

Please remember that this forum is for all those who love, breathe, and drink good coffee! I would love to chat with everyone, every day of the week about tinkering or fixing but those questions come and go. So please understand that your not going to be able to save the world everyday. Some days you only need to impart the right advise to save that persons day.

So please settle down. They will come and you will get another chance. But until that time comes try to help people answer that billion and one question that they are asking.

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Dude, I think you're missing the point... I'm simply trying to stir things up so there are questions to answer.

So what makes so full of myself? I'm hardly arrogant... actually visited this forum and others 4 years or so ago looking for answers when I was starting out. Now I have worked my way up I'm simply trying to give back to those starting out, but there is hardly any activity here anymore...Full of myself??? whatever.... Later!
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More things to add... regardless of how far I make it in this industry, I still remember where I started and surely don't frown on that one bit. I've learned alot through trial and error, reading, etc... However, I would like to see people visit forums BEFORE they buy less than stellar equipment, not AFTER they have bought it and can't figure out how to get anything decent from it. Live and learn I say!

As we all know there is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance and I walk that line every day. Surely don't look at myself as being totally arrogant, just very confident in what I do each and every day.

Also, I don't "play" with my toys... might just be a saying, but I take what I do very seriously. I do tinker to change it up a bit, but play is hardly the word to describe it.

Last thing... I've been using my signature Later! for years to end all my posts on everything I do. I think I'm going to change that to suit the people in this world by saying W...H...A...T...E...V...E...R...!