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Aug 14, 2005
Washington State
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I'm selling my espresso stand, with much regret. If anyone knows anyone looking for a drive thru. 8'x16'...fully code compliant with ADA restroom...equipment, inventory, 2 signs and banners please email me.It is moveable and will have to be moved-we will help get it ready to transport.

Thank you
Just wondering, what happened. Are you just tired of the business are you out of options to make a profit. Might be helpful if you could share what went wrong , we don't hear much from that end of the business. Was it a franchise or license are did you just buy it outright with no help. Might want to list equip. price etc , might get someone interested in buying if really good deal. Sorry for you misfortion.
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Our location was the biggest factor working against us...the landowner failed to follow through on plans of a retail development and instead began selling the lots...a propane company is building on the corner lot and traffic can no longer see us. We have been searching for a new location ourselves, but people are putting up drive thrus like crazy here. I love the business and it has not been an easy decision to sell. It's also been next to impossible to find reliable employees and working 6 days a week from morning to evening has taken a toll on my health and I need to take a step back to take care of myself and my family for a while.

I have: 2 group automatic (great looking machine) commercial under the counter refrigerator and ice machine, grinder, all the utensils, syrups, sauces, mixes, cups, cash register, etc..2 signs, 2 banners and menu boards that we can take our logo off and someone can put their own product/prices on.

The building is 8'x16' and has an ADA restroom and wide doors. Everything is NSF....we jumped through all the hoops.

It is not on a trailer, but can be put on one for transport....we would jack it up and cut it from the foundation....transporting would be up to the buyer. We could also arrange for the forklift to put it onto a trailer.

email me for more info or [email protected]
Your stand

Hi there, I attempted to email you for more information, however the email came returned as undeliverable. I was curious where in Washington State your stand is located? I am in the Seattle area myself, and am thinking of opening up a stand with two other business partners. Do you still have your equipment available for purchase?
I'm sorry to hear that you must sell your business, sounds like this was a difficult decision for you to make.

I am strongly considering getting into the drive thru coffee business. I am am in VA so it may not be feasible to transport a building from WA. But could I ask who built it. What do they cost new? Where would I go to have a coffee drive thru built/designed? And incidentally how much are you asking for your building and supplies?


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We built it ourselves. There are some stands on ebay for $25k-no equip, no supplies, no restroom. And they are not hard plumbed, which means you'd have water tanks to fill and empty often. Tanks are not allowed here.

To those who have asked if I'd sell the building and equip. seperately-yes, I will. And I will consider reasonable offers. My equip was purchased new and is only one year old. It has been well maintained-the only thing needed is new group screens. I literally have everything needed to open shop except for fresh coffee and milk!

Recently in my area 2 stands have been purchased-one for over $30k and the other for $40k. Basically they bought old worn out equip because they still don't own the building and must lease from someone. And neither of them are in a great location. If someone purchased from me, all they'd need is the location of their choice...and a way to get the stand there...though we'd help with that as much as possible.

Feel free to email with any questions.

[email protected]
Hi javac26:

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Would you consider looking for another location to place your drive thru or purchase an existing location that is already successful? Or are you just fed up and leaving all together? Is your drive thru still at the existing location or has it been removed? It sounds as though you were hard plumbed at your spot. Can your existing equipment be converted to tanks? If so do you have the necessary hooks ups?

I'm close to your neck of the woods. What city are you located in?
Do you think I could ship to Wisconsin?

I'm looking for a drive-thru building/trailer and equipment. Do you think it could be shipped to Wisconsin and still be in tact?

Is it still available and if so I would like to see a few pictures and descriptions of equipment

Thank you.

JavaHead Coffee
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I would not consider relocating in this area...could not find a suitable location and I am fed up with this area. It is hard plumbed and I'm sure it could be fitted with tanks, but I don't have the hardware to do so.

I'm not sure about shipping the stand , however it could be transported on a trailer. Currently it is sitting on a small trailer, but I don't know if that would be good enough to travel a great distance.

If anyone is seriously interested and wants to s ee photos please email me.