I like Selva Negra

Bill Laine

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Jan 5, 2008
New Orleans
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I bought three pounds of Selva Negra green beans because I liked their story and the price was right. I found that it makes a very good single origin espresso and it is now one of my mainstays.

Selva Negra is a coffee plantation in Nicaragua owned by the same family for over one-hundred years. It is on the eco-tourism and agro-tourism maps and they work for sustainability and fairness for their workers. A daughter, with her husband, own a coffee shop in Atlanta where they brew, roast, and distribute the production of the family plantation.

I like their coffee and maybe some day I can go for a visit.

New Orleans
I have tried several beans from Nicaragua. I had one I really liked that was called Howling Monkey but I can't get it anymore. How would I go about getting some green beans of Selva Negra? I like buying coffee where I know something about the farm. My dream is to travel to farms in Nicaragua and others in Central America and South America but alas I am stuck in my day job now.