I made a Coffee Journal App ❤️ ...and people love it!


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Apr 8, 2021
Hello fellow coffee lovers 😊

For the last 13 months of Covid, I’ve been developing a personal coffee journal for coffee recipes. It started out as a personal project, but I’ve released it to the stores so that anyone can keep track of their favorite coffee and brews.

I know this is a kind of self-promotion and I apologize in advance if I chose a wrong thread for this, but I'd really like to tell you a little about the app and how you can use it to perfect or track the taste of your brews.

is a coffee journal for specialty coffee and coffee recipes (brews) and is intended for all coffee enthusiasts who want to have all of their coffee saved in one place and improve their brews. And also, for those who would like to clean their cabinets full of dozens of coffee containers. 😅

In the app, you save specialty coffee and brews you make from that coffee. You can then export brews to PDF to print a coffee journal with all the details about your coffees and recipes. You can also share recipes on social networks and with friends.

You can add or choose from over 1,600 roasteries, 400 coffee regions, 250 coffee varietals, 300 flavor profiles, 20 processings, and 27 brewing methods - from Aeropress to Woodneck.

The application's primary purpose is to have all coffees (+ photos) and brews in one place and to be able to search through everything effortlessly. You can search for a coffee or a brew according to the information you have saved, such as roastery, flavor profile, processing, coffee country or region, varietals, brewing method, etc.

If you try the app, I will be grateful for any feedback (negative and positive) through the app, via e-mail, or on Instagram @ibrew.coffee

I am not able to post links or images, since I'm new here, but the website is ibrew.coffee where you can find links for the app and also screenshots and everything.

Thank you so much for reading and your time.

I hope you’ll enjoy the app ❤️

And these are some screenshots of the app and the exported PDF journal:


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Apr 8, 2021
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Thank you :)
There's an update coming with new cool features like adding brewing equipment and new 4 brewing methods :coffee: