Illy Francis Francis Francis Francis Francis Fr....x1 rebuild


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Jun 8, 2016
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Hi everyone!

I've been reading trough this forum for a few weeks now trying to learn up on the illy x1.

My girlfriends birthday is coming up, and she mentioned she wants a vintage espressomaker. I did some soul-searching (google) and had trouble coming up with affordable vintage/vintage looking espresso machines. I ended up looking at the local classifieds and found a nice bargain for an Illy x1 that was completely dismantled. A few emails with the owner and now I'm the proud owner of this basket case:

about myself:

You all are going to hate me for this: but I don't drink coffee :sad: However my girlfriend loves it very much!
But seriously. Usually my tinkering revolves around something of a larger size; vintage bikes. Been restoring this one:

So back to the illy!

I looked at the parts I have and it seems to be complete. I think it's half and half first generation/second generation (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Theres a few connectors loose. Could anyone help identify which ones are for the boiler and which ones for the pump?

The previous owner said the machine gave electric shocks but ran fine further. He told me he thinks it's probably because of leaking boiler seals (this seems strange to me)

I checked the boiler and it gave around 50-55 ohms resistance so I think it should be good?
There's also 2 water pumps. 1 dated 97 and the other 03, which one should I use, or how could I verify which one works?

I looked around a bit more, and I found the boiler casing(?) had been tampered with. There was alot of plastic cement type thing on this spot and something was plastic cemented on there. I cleaned it up. I'm assuming it's the temperature sensor to detect overheating?

Anyways, I cleaned some parts for now, such as the water reservoir which had alot of calcium built up inside. Used some Vinegar:



As you can see I have 2. One seems older, yellower and of a much more bendable plastic. The newer seeming one has a sticker and a crack.

Any way to check if the control panel is defunct in any way?
I also flipped the left most switch, and I can't seem to flip it back down...:oops:


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Apr 6, 2016
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