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Dec 15, 2003
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I own a plantation in Chiapas Mexico. Deep in the jungle the beans are shade grown at high altitude and 100% organic. It makes for the best coffee.

I will have about 13000lbs of green coffee beans to sell this year.
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price of coffee beans

I am selling, right now, green coffee beans as fresh as they come. The majority of coffee maniacs, like my wife, wants to roast her own. That is if she wants it roasted, which is in the oven. Roasted beans only last a couple of weeks before they start loosing their aroma and flavor. You may know better than me for the best cup of coffee is roasting it yourself.

Our beans are grown high in the mountains of Chiapas Mexico. Shade grown and 100% organic. They grow slow and are sun dried. Only the best for our customers. This plantation has never actually sold coffee to the United States before, so I am having to go through the painful process of getting everything certified and approved. No worries though. The beans will probably be around 6.00 a pound plus shipping. Not bad for the quality. I have done alot of research on other companies here and it is very competati ve with better quality.
For those prices, shouldn't you win some awards or something first ? Like cup of excellence!
I mean, you can buy some Costa Rica Cup of Excellence coffees for less than $5