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Nov 8, 2004
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They roast very well, but the reliability is not to good. We had too many warranty problems so we discontinued them on our web site. The Green Beanery in Canada is the main NA Importer of them, at least they were as of a few months ago. You can still get them shipped to you from Canada if no US sites are offering them, just be warned all warranty work is done by The Green Beanery in Canada and the shipping times are a little long.

If the problems get fixed I will start selling them again, because they do roast very well.


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Aug 29, 2007
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This was my second roaster. (A popcorn popper was my first). I still have it and it still roasts well....but now it is "out to stud" and is there as a backup only. It does 140gm (max) in a roast and I have done around 300 roasts with it. I have replaced the heating element once.

I think that the reliabilty issue may have been due to a combination of not observing the 20 minute cool-down between each roast and not cleaning out the chaff collector after each roast. Even after vacuuming out the collector after each roast, chaff works its way down further into the bowels of the machine which (if not removed and cleaned periodically) will compromise overall reliability by retaining heat.

I vacuumed and cleaned mine after each two roasts and opened it up further after every 100 roasts or so.

Horses for courses-it's a great roaster to start off on. You get visual cues with roast development via the big, clear lid and the smoke that is released right under your nose. And the beans roast really evenly, yielding really good results.

If it had twice the capacity, I think that it would make a better roaster than the Hottop, which was my third roaster.

Mine has paid for itself over and over.

Go on....get it. What really do you have to lose?