Importing coffee into Africa

hats off to wmark ;) Thanks Musicphan...I try not to use the computer when I am at home so I missed this yesterday.
Mr.Peaberry...I knew a guy who flew to Africa and watched his coffee loaded on a ship. He met the ship stateside. Opened his container and the coffee was swapped for rocks and twigs. 42000 lbs of Kenya AA gone. I would die. He had such bad luck. He lost a container in Haiti. The driver called and said he wanted more money three times. The last time he put his foot down. Container disappeared.

I guess they forgot the "subject to post shipment sample" eh ?
I guess if you are dealing with crooks, they will take anything you give them as it is something plus whatever they sold the container for
Is there anyway to put the responsibility for shipping on the seller and pay cash on delivery or partial payment up front with the balance due upon successful delivery at it's destination?