In and Out

Jan 18, 2008
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Hi Tomas,

This is an open forum, for coffee enthusiasts. This means that the forum moderators, have to allow posters a large amount of freedom. Most members respect each other in here, but of course there will always be a few bad seeds, who just seek confrontation with other members. We try to filter out any posts that contain personal attacks and/or vile language. But still, some are let through and are open for interpretation.

If you stick around, you will see that the information available here and the regular posters have a lot to offer, in all areas of the coffee industry. The good, by far, outweigh the bad. Even your posts thus far, are a good example of the quality members we like to see.

It's important to point out, that if anyone has concerns about the forum or its members, please inform a moderator or someone in the admin., so it can be looked into.