Indonesian Robusta need help...

Tembak, what part of Indo is it from? Lampung, Java or Flores? You might have some problems if it is a Lampung Robusta, they do not have a great reputation. Pierre from WAGRO has been working on enhancing the image of gourmet robustas from Indonesia, but has had little luck with the Lamung guys. There are some solid washed robustas coming out of Central Java, East Java and Flores...these seem to be the ones that are selling. However I will say that there are not too many Specialty Roasters in the market for Robusta from Indonesia. Some of the newer growing regions- specifically Madagascar (believe it or not) and Myanmar have some pretty unique wahed and polished robusta.


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Apr 29, 2005
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The one that i have is semi washed not fully washed and it is a commodity grade. I think it is from Bandar Lampung, i dont think people dislike this coffee but it is just a low end coffee that's why it is very hard to move this. Companies that does uses this they are huge like starbucks or rohtfos. This is the best it gets on semi washed robusta ( Compared to Vietnam).
Hi Tembak. Many of the recent shows in this part of the world have had the various associations present showng their wares. At a recent show the Indian, Laos, Thai, Vietnam and Indonesian Coffee exporter boards had booths. All were showcasing their Robusta. Unfortunatley the Lamoung Robusta was on a stand next to the Indian and Lao Robustas. Although I am obviously a huge supporter of Indonesian coffee, I must say I was pretty horrified seing the comparison of the processed bean. This is one of teh reasons the Indonesians are struggling with Robusta against the Indians, Thai Vietnamese and Ugandans at present.

You are right, their still is a market for Indonesian RObusta at the lower end of the market. This is probabably why it is so hard to sell any to real specialty roasters who browse on this board. THey are honestly more likely to look outside the square at some niche robusta origins, if they are ooking for robusta at all.

Anyway, good luck with the selling.

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