Insulated Coffee Carriers (Joe-to-Go Boxes) Case of 25 $89.99 FREE Ship


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Oct 11, 2006
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Insulated Coffee Carriers (Joe-to-Go Boxes) are only $89.99 for a case of 25 with Free Ship.

BaristaBox Insulated Coffee Carrier 96 oz Free Shipping

Coffee to Go Carriers: The Barista Box 96 Ounce -

The Barista Box is the perfect coffee box to go carrier or container to showcase in your store and sell to customers. The 96 ounce version available here is perfect for the morning meeting, breakfast with the whole family, catering an event and much more. You can buy in wholesale quantities for your coffee shop, bagel store, deli, bakery, gourmet market or other retail outlet.

Barista Box Coffee Carrier Product Details
•25 per case
•2.627 cu. ft.

It doesn't get easier than the Barista Box when it comes to coffee boxes to go. You and your customers will both love how easy it is to work with, and how cost-effective it is. It features the brand new 360 Spout Collar, ensuring easy, painless and spillage-free pouring and transportation.

Ecrater's Mocha Magic Java Supply is the best place on the web today to buy the Barista Box, and once you make the switch, this will be the only coffee to go box that you turn to. We have the cheapest prices available anywhere on the web, so you'll love stocking up and having them on hand when the next customer asks for one.

So go ahead and buy the Barista Box 96 ounce, the best coffee carrier you can find.

Questions - email me at [email protected]

Sorry we don't ship to Alaska or Hawaii.


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