iRoast 2 Roaster


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Aug 23, 2009
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Hello--First post. I just started home roasting, and the house is still standing.
I am using the preset 2 setting on the roaster, but I've been getting these small 1/8" burn marks on over 90% of the beans I've been roasting--Whether they're Columbian, Yirga, etc.
Anyone experience these and if so, your suggestion to resolve?


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Re: iRoat 2 Roaster

Did the beans flow rate seemed less than when the machine was new? I played with an iRoast 2 about 4 years ago. If the design has not change much then I think the metal funnel may need cleaning which of course is an impossible job. In my case after a few batches coffee oil started to caked on to the funnel and thus reduce beans flow rate causing them to burn from the heating element.