isomac millennium coffee machine s broken down


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Mar 19, 2007
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i cant get my isomac coffee machine fixed?want it is the socket in the kicten blow out and my machine was on at the time but now it dont work?the boiler does not get warm and the coffee manometer does not work any more.

i have phoned ever one but no one will do it has i live in huddersfield west yorkshire

does anyone know some one that will fix this machine HELP

thank you


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Apr 9, 2007
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I have an Isomac Zaffiro which stopped working after a power cut.

A friend of mine who is into machines in general had a look talked to a company called Bellabarista and figured out what was wrong he then got the parts from them and fitted them for me.

Took about a couple of weeks to sort out and around fifty pounds for the bits plus something for my friends time.

I had the same problem, couldn''t find anywhere outwith London that would repair them.

Not sure if my friend would help a stranger, but I could ask if you are really stuck.

Best of luck...