Izzo machines

I dont know mate. Looks like a machine I have come accross before, but cant put a finger on where or when. Seems like Izzo itself is a roaster...could their machine line be a side business manufactured by another Italian machine companY?? Anyway, good to catch up with you again. Hope the new rostery is kicking A.

Chris Kay

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Feb 1, 2005
Alun , youre a hard man to catch up with.

Im in the process about 3 weeks away now.... :roll:

But i have been doing quite abit of consultancy work... ill be glad when im back to doing it for me..

Izzo is a roasting company... youre correct.
Most machine companies in Italy are assemblers and not manufacturers in the strict sense.
There are companies there that make parts for most manufacturers.

I wanna catch up!!!:p
Yes indeedy. My wife would agree with you 100%. I guess she can hardly remember what I look like :grin: Since Christamas I have been pretty much on the road full-time. I dont even remember all the places of been :? its getting to the stage where cloning might be a useful tool. Got a break planned next month- well...work with 24 hours by a swimming pool tacked on the end.

Anyway, great to hear you are almost ready. Man after 12 months out of the biz (roasting wise), you must be chomping at the bit and ready to go. I am happy for you- let us know when you open the doors.

Chris Kay

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Feb 1, 2005
Oh ive been roasting.. just not for myself ;)
Excellent way to experiment for myself and not have to outlay for the experiment.

Needless to say ive done a terrific job for the dude..

And yes i am chomping at the bit...


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Apr 23, 2006
Izzo :)

Hello :) i do indeed own a Izzo Vivi espresso machine and can vouch for the quality of these machines..
extremly well built, high quality componants..... mostly industrial standard but placed in a body thats capable of domestic use (although they do make full 2 and 3 grouphead commercial machines)

Here in the UK i there known among the more hardcore coffee drinkers as 1 of the best domestic machines you can buy... with the Alex version having everything u could dream of on a domestic machine.. E61 grouphead , self fill water tank , rotary pump, commercial grade internals,
the list goes on!.. the diffence between the Alex and the Vivi is only the pump.... the Vivi uses a vibe pump opposed to the Rotary found in the Alex

in depth details can be found here ..
http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/Izzo-Isom ... chines.htm

hope this helps :)

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