"Java" became synonym for coffee

According to legend it comes from the 17th century. At that time the Dutch East Indies was the powerhouse of coffee production for most of Europe (which was the world at thahe 20th century time!). In the 20th century the fledging US coffee industry (the Hill bros, Folgers, Arbuckles etc) all siezed on 'Java' because of the mystique associated with the name. Thus the word has become somewhat synonomous with coffee. I guess its like the Brits with their 'cup of char'! :grin:


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Feb 11, 2004
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Cup of char, I think, and may be corrected later in the thread, relates to British colonial times in India, where tea would be served by a char wallah (person who served the tea). Both words are relativly common, dont hear them every day but you do hear them arround.