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Nov 30, 2006
Introducing the New ULTRA Model of the javaPRO-CRC. ... tem_id=136

It has an enhanced roasting process and bean cool down process that we are Patenting. Be first in line to get this new exotic roaster. Pre-orders of this roaster are now being accepted. Availability of roaster is: February 28, 2007 (example: if you pre-ordered prior to February 28th, your roaster would be shipped out to you on March 28 due to the fact that we make each roaster to order and it takes 30 days to make each roaster). Totally made in house by CoffeeRoastersClub. Proprietary design. (This roaster is not based on the Ronco 6000 as is our regular javaPRO-CRC. Also note that this new ULTRA model does not take the place of our regular javaPRO-CRC. We are continuing, and will continue, to sell the regular javaPRO-CRC. While this new model has some characteristics of our popular regular javaPRO-CRC model , it is an enhanced design and stands on its own as a totally separate and unique roaster.)

Preorder now at: ... tem_id=136