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Jun 13, 2023
Tulsa, OK
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2015 Joper BRP-25 for sale. Crated and ready to ship. Asking $30,000 plus freight.

Manufacturer: Joper
Model: BPR-25
Year: 2015
Fuel: NG
Electrical: 230V/3PH
Drum Capacity: 12-25 kg
Roasting Capacity: 35-70 kg roasted coffee per hr.
Condition: Good, Fully Operational w/ minor issues
Last Used: Nov 2022
Hours Used: Approx. 11,000
Service History: Regular Monthly Maintenance and Cleaning
Location: Tulsa, OK
Known Issues: Aftermarket Cyclone manufactured by USRC. The chaff door could use additional clamps welded on to create better seal. The duct opening that goes out from the cyclone fan got dented during decommission, though you should be able to hammer the dent out no problem. However, you may decide you want to have new piping made altogether. Other than these two small things, the roaster and all components operate just fine. The Cyclone has a fire suppression system.
Additional Information: This roaster comes installed with Joper's Brigus automation software. Though we always just roasted manually. All cast iron construction, this roaster is a work horse.

Message me or call 918-608-6012 for more information.


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