just kind of a vent.


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It's a Mirage Triplette Classic with optional progressive pre-infusion cylinders. It's beautiful, but more importantly, it has some neat features that differentiate it from other heat exchange machines.

The problem is the building has very old style electrical transformers, I was told less than 5% of US electrical transformers are this type. In most cases, 110V appliances are fine, but 220V appliances will require certain adjustments, otherwise the outlet will put out higher voltages, 240V I think. I told the tech who installed the machine he needs to check for electrical compatibility, he did but not check thorough enough. Anyway the higher voltage caused the electric board to malfunction. The tech was able to repair the board; although I rather the board be replaced. The service company ate the travel and repair cost, but I doubt they will want to pay for a new board which I was told will be around $900. Anyway, I want to maintain a good relationship with the service company because they are on call 7 days a week, and although expensive, they are fast turning downed machine around, and they are not unreasonable people. So if I decided to replace the board, I will probably pay for it.