Kolbowy Machine Ranking - Which Kolbowy Machine to choose in 2020?


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Jul 24, 2020
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If you dream of having a divine infusion at home from a master barista, then the piston coffee machine is for you. The best places on the coffee map of the world use this type of device. Join this noble group and choose your portafilter coffee machine - for a much lower price than buying an automatic coffee machine. However, you must be aware of certain issues if you choose this type of coffee machine. "What is going on?" - you ask. I will explain it briefly below, I invite you to read the ranking of the espresso machines prepared by me.

A semi-automatic machine is a solution for everyone?

The first, basic issue that you must be prepared for when choosing a semi-automatic coffee machine - do you have the time and energy to make coffee? You must know that each time you take an active part in the ritual of preparing the essential dose of power. It is not pressing a button or pouring water over the ground coffee, it is much more. The espresso machine requires a transformation into a barista. Most models do not have a built-in milk frother, only steam nozzles, which makes you responsible for creating a velvety, sweet foam. If you decide to enjoy the black version of the aromatic infusion, you do all the activities before and after the brewing process. The second thing is the coffee itself - do you have a grinder at home? You can of course use already ground beans, but the freshly ground beans have the most flavor. It's worth the sacrifice, the difference in taste is really noticeable, so maybe it's better to grind yourself. It all takes time, but also gives a lot of satisfaction. Are you ready for it?

Kolbowy Machine Ranking Top 4

I visited the websites of many online stores and read hundreds of reviews to choose the best models from this group. The most inspiring was the ranking of espresso machines with a buying guide on the website at the link here so I took some information from there. In my ranking you will find coffee machines that are also described there, I also checked the opinions about these copies in stores. Here are my top 4, below. I hope that my list will help you answer the question of what type of espresso machine to buy.

As befits the Italian model from the DeLonghi family, this model captivates with its functionality - it has a built-in milk frother, which is additionally equipped with a precise Thermoblock heating system. With the EC 850.M you don't have to worry about the milk variations of your favorite coffee, the IFD system will do this part for you. The power of this unit is the same as that of good automatic machines - as much as 1450 W, so the coffee brewing time and start-up time is short. DeLonghi also thought about those who like the brewing ritual, but sometimes are just busy - you can use the E. S. E. function and make a coffee on the go, using a special sachet. In my opinion, this is the best portafilter machine.

DeLonghi EC 850.M


A good, elegant silver and black piston coffee machine at a good price, this is exactly this copy. Fast, because it has 1470 W of power and a pressure of 15 bar, so you can save time preparing the drink. In this model, there is a built-in milk container and a manual nozzle with steam emission control, which makes it easier to prepare cappuccino or latte. Operating the Raven does not cause too many problems, the panel is legible, equipped with buttons. If you want, you can brew two espressos at once. Another advantage is that it has a hob, so if you need to do something else between brewing and drinking your coffee, your brew will still be at the right temperature. It is a bit louder than the DeLonghi, but it definitely deserves its position in this ranking of butt coffee machines.


DeLonghi EC 221.B

Compact espresso machine from the famous DeLonghi family. The design is slightly different, because the Thermoblock system has been replaced with a boiler, but the parameters are still great - 1100 W of power and a pressure of 15 bar. It does not have a milk frothing system, but has a manual steam wand. The differences are compensated by the fact that in this machine you can also use the Easy Serve Espresso function, i.e. use special pods and enjoy aromatic coffee in no time. Of course, the one brewed from freshly ground beans will have a richer bouquet, but I appreciate the option of a quick coffee from a semi-automatic espresso machine. It is truly one of the best collet espresso machines on the market.

DeLonghi EC 221.B

DeLonghi DL Dedica EC685M

Stylish, slim, silver coffee machine, perfect for a kitchen with a modern design. This model from DeLonghi also has a boiler instead of the Thermoblock system, but has a power of 1350 W, which is more than satisfactory. Manual frothing nozzle with steam emission regulation in this copy is especially appreciated by users, delicious foam can be obtained