La Cimbali M29 Espresso Machine For Sale


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Jul 1, 2009
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La Cimbali M29 Espresso Machine

Mazzer Super Jolly Espresso Grinder (model#0221146) FREE w/ Cimbali purchase! ($600 value)

2-group, automatic shot dosing, automatic boiler fill, built-in volumetric pump, 2 stainless steel steam arms, automatic dosing hot water tap with hot water economizer.

This machine is elegant, efficient and simple to use.

A particular attention has been given to ergonomics; this means better and safer working conditions for the user with a well-planned layout of controls with a clear symbology, ample working space with a generous electric cupswarmer, an optimal grip of the balanced filterholders.

Each group is equipped with a special heat exchanger, which guarantees the thermic balance of the machine in order to always prepare a perfect espresso, whatever the blend of coffee and under any working conditions.

Water and steam for hot beverages pass through 2 high-performance multidirectional diffusers for the preparation of creamy "cappuccino" and other hot beverages.

An automatic valve prevents the liquid, which is being heated, from being sucked back into the boiler. An electronic device assures the optimum water level in the boiler.

These solutions avoid energy waste and preserve the machine from harmful thermic shocks. The electronic system of the machine checks its main functions, activiating the electronic self-system of the display, optimizing the engineers' interventions in case of breakdowns and indicating when the regeneration of the resins of the water softener is necessary.

The microprocessor of the electronic system enables the operator to switch the machine on and off automatically, to program the doses for each group, and to easily modify the number of coffees prepared.

The electronic components complies with international safety standards.

Top quality materials, modern production and control techniques, the care and experience of a company with more than 80 years of espresso coffee machine manufacturing, all combine to guarantee the reliability and long service from the world's best espresso machine.

* 2 Group espresso machine
* Built in volumetric pump
* Automatic shot dosing
* Automatic boiler fill
* 2 Stainless steel steam arms
* Hot water tap with hot water economizer
* Requires 208-240 V single phase, 4200-5500 W, 30 A power
* Width: 30.3 in
* Height: 18.3 in
* Depth: 20.00 in
* Operation: Automatic
* Usage Level: Commercial
* Style: Traditional, Elegant
* Machine Controls: Automatically On/Off, Electrically controlled
* Boiler Capacity: 10.00 L
* Doser: Automatic shot
* Steam Generator: Stainless steel steam arm
* Filter Holder: Balanced filter

Great working condition!
Sells new for $6500

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