La Cimbali M29 Selectron - Tall Model w/ Turbo Frother


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Apr 15, 2006
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I am new to forums. I own a small coffee shop and have a La Cimbali M29 Selectron. It is the tall model with the turbo frother. I am looking for a sevice manual or at least a parts list. Haven't been able to find one on the internet. I need to order some basic part just for maintainance.


Hate to break it you, but they don't come with a parts break down. But you are in luck for I am a Cimbali service agent. If you have a 2 group. You will need all of the following.

2 Group O-rings (Metric 5 Alan wrench and a 10mm open end wrench)
2 Shower Screens
2 Steam arm rebuild kits (18mm or 20mm open end wrench)
2 Steam Valve rebuild kits (You will need C-clip pliers)
1 Vacuum valve, often referred as the gravity valve or anti suction valve.
1 Gasket for Vacuum Valve

Of the more complicated items you will also need.

4 Flow restrictors (or referred as jets) (1 for each group, but you also need 2 more, one for the fill system and one for the hot water tap.)
4 screens for the jets.
8 copper gaskets for the jets. (each jet has one on the top and bottom.)
For the above you will need a 17mm and 20mm open end wrench.

Items you may want to carry spares of:

Level Probe
Procon Pump
Safety Valve or sometimes referred as Overpressure Valve.

I’m am not responsible for any damage that you cause to your machine while trying to maintenance it.